The Birth of

Window Stickers

I run a web site that specializes in decoding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) called Decode This! You enter your VIN and I can tell you all kinds of things about your car or truck. One of the services I offer at Decode This! is a detailed informational report on your vehicle that includes a simple window sticker. The window sticker allows you to enter some basic information about your car and download a PDF of your window sticker. The problem was that the format was limited to one template and one template only.

Since implementing the window sticker generator I've had a lot of interest in people wanting more customized information on their sticker. After pondering this request for awhile I decided to try my hand at creating a web site that would provide car window stickers as a service. Hence was born!

Window sticker creation software is nothing new to the used car market, there are several companies selling packages that offer such services to dealers already. The thing that makes unique is that it offers everyone, not just used car dealers, the ability to create a customized window sticker. Within a few minutes of entering your VIN you can have your professional window sticker tailored to your vehicle. No more hand-written signs with cobbled together information, but a real sales tool that will help you sell your car faster and get you your asking price! is designed to be a flexible platform for offering window stickers and for sale signs, much more so than Decode This! I am adding new templates to the library constantly that allow you to change the look and feel of your sticker instantly. I'm very open to suggestions and comments, if you think of a design for a window sticker you don't see please contact me, I'll look into creating one.

This site was designed with the intent of making the whole process clean, simple, and quick. I've pared down the amount of data entry needed in order to make the process intuitive and easy to tinker with. You should be able to make any custom window sticker in minutes using this system. I've even created a training video that describes the whole process.

I hope you find the application useful! I'll be adding to the functionality and the templates over time as I get a better feel for what your requirements are.

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