Selling Your Car the Hard Way?
I Can Show You How To Make Your Vehicle Do ALL the Work!

Selling a used car can be an incredible hassle. Listing in the local newspaper: $40. Online auction sites with pages of information to type: up to $80. Constantly showing your car to semi-interested buyers. What if I could show you how to take the pain out of selling your car? In minutes you can add a simple sales tool that's like having your own car salesperson on staff!

Automotive Window Stickers Sell Cars

Window StickerWindow Stickers SELL cars. All used car dealers know it, and rely on the automotive window sticker to turbo-charge their car sales. Without the all-important window sticker a car salesperson would have to stand by each car every hour of the day to be there to convey the vital information about a car: the options, the features, and most importantly the price. That's why you'll rarely see a new or used car on a lot without a window sticker.

Car dealers use special software to create and print these powerful sales tools. This software can cost hundreds of dollars, and more importantly rely on the dealers knowledge about their car. After entering in the data about the car the software prints out a professionally designed window sticker ready to be placed in the window of the used car in question. This is almost the first step a used car dealership takes when they get a new car on the lot.

Up until now this powerful tool has only been available to new and used car dealers. Now, is placing this incredible sales tool into the hands of the consumers!

Design, Download, and Print Your Window Sticker In Minutes! is a unique web site that uses the power of your car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to creating your window sticker. Enter your 17-character VIN (located in the corner of your windshield) and we know important information about your vehicle:

  • Engine Type
  • Transmission Options
  • Interior and Exterior Color Choices
  • Trim Levels
  • Fuel Efficiency Ratings
  • Standard and Optional Equipment
  • And more!

We use this information to prepopulate your window sticker, leaving you only to enter the mileage, contact information, and the price you want. And you're practically done! Your window sticker has accurate and up to date information about your vehicle entered instantly. When you're done will generate a vector-based Adobe PDF file of your design that you can download and print, or email it to potential buyers. 5 minutes of work from start to finish.

Choose From A Growing List of Professional Designs

Window Sticker Templates

Not only is the information on your window sticker important, but its appearance is what draws potential buyers to your car like moths to a flame. Old-time handwritten FOR SALE signs don't hold a candle to the eye-popping custom designs that offers you. Use our designer to choose from a growing number of high-quality professional window sticker templates. Our design preview window allows you to test out all the designs and find the one best suited for your needs. Best of all you can reprint the window sticker in the future with any design you like.

Buy Now, Reprint Later

Once you've designed and purchased your window sticker it's added to your account. From there you can tinker and alter your information, select a new template, and regenerate your window sticker for free! Need to change your asking price, or update contact information? You can do it online in minutes!

Get Moving! Buy Your Window Sticker Today for Only $3.95!

Create an account on the site, generate your sticker, download and print. It's simple, quick, and an effective way to really supercharge your sale!

What We Do:

  • Extracting data from your VIN saves time, improves accuracy!
  • Customize your price, contact information, and more!
  • A growing selection of professional window sticker designs!
  • Redesign and Reprint as often as you like!
  • Instant access!
  • A stone-cold bargain at $3.95!

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